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Demand for a commodity is the quantity which a consumer is willing to buy at a particular price at a particular time


Funds are collective investments from multiple investors, money collected is invested across various assets spreading the risk that is called “Fund”
“The fund’s flow statement is a statement that shows the movement of funds and is a report of the financial operations of the business undertaking.”

Market targeting

“The method of choosing the target market from the complete cluster of customers towards that a business has set to aim its promoting efforts and ultimately its merchandise”


“Management is a multipurpose organ which has three jobs, two of which are directly related to personnel: managing a business; managing managers; and managing workers and the work”.

Marketing Organisation

“Marketing organisation can be defined as a  formal or informal group of individuals working together to reach quantitative and qualitative marketing objectives by making decisions on product, price, place, and promotion.”


Promotion may be defined as “an upward advancement of an employee in an organisation to another job, which commands better wage, better prestige and higher opportunities, responsibilities, and authority, better working environment, hours of work and facilities, and a higher rank.”

 QWL ( Quality of Work Life )

The quality of work life (QWL) is characterized as the favorableness or in any case of the gig climate to individuals. A few definitions decipher it as how much representatives can meet their own necessities through their involvement with the association.

Performance appraisal

A performance appraisal is a regular review of an employee’s job performance and contribution to a company.


“Learning is the process through which an individual acquire some knowledge or skill which is helpful not only in his present life, but also in his future life. He utilise that acquire knowledge and skill, in different field.”


Conciliation is the process by which representatives of workers and employers are brought together before a third party. It involves friendly intervention of a neutral person or group of persons to help the parties to settle their dispute peacefully.

Line manager

Line Managers translate the objectives into action, they are responsible to develop and utilise the manpower. In all the components of HR


“Conflict is an interpersonal process that springs from disagreements over the goals to attain or the methods to be used to accomplish those goals”


“A collection of books and other literary materials kept for reading, study and consultations.”

Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing is the application of digital technology and internet-connected devices to marketing objectives.” Enhances the online brand experience and marketing distribution network, which is more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. Can be used to contribute content. ”

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