7 Factors that affect Material Handling (Explained)

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Material Handling

“Material handling is the art and science involving the movements, packing and storing of substances in any form” – Material Handling Society 


Meaning of Material Handling

Materials handling takes place whenever a material is transferred, whether in production, distribution (warehouse), or office setting.  Items handling also happens during shipment preparation, transportation by sea, air, or land, including moving material in and out of carnets.

Material Handling and Plant Layout

The physical distance and frequency of material movement between processes are largely dependent on the plant layout. In a product layout with a continuous production system, less time and material handling costs will be required, while a process layout will involve more back-and-forth movement and thus require more handling. more raw materials. The use of gravity flow due to the layout minimizes handling costs.

Factors to be Considered

  • Excessive material movement damages the material and results in the loss of valuable labor time when moving the material. Layouts should be designed to meet product manufacturing requirements and minimize material handling.
  • If workers are forced to search for a particular material throughout the workshop, their production time is inevitably wasted
  • For materials to move quickly and efficiently, efficient
  • Utilities should be located within easy reach and should not require workers to walk far.
  • Space should be used economically. Machines and equipment should be placed so that there is minimal or no waste of space and this should be the optimal choice for expansion.
  • Maximum opportunity for larger aisle widths, ceiling heights, and other
  • Storage areas to reduce the need for further modifications

10 Best Objectives of Material Handling 

 The main goals of Material Handling are:
• To Cost reduction.
• You will not be able to work.
• Helps to Improving working conditions.
• Enhance the customer service.
• To Improved productivity Level.
• For Reduced material handling effort.
• For Effective use of space.
• To Reduction of in-process inventory.
• To Reduces the need for packaging and other protective devices.

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