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Performance Appraisal 

“Performance Appraisal is the process of evaluating the performance and qualifications of the employees in terms of the requirements of the job for which he is employed, for purposes of administration including placement, selection for promotions, providing financial rewards and other actions which require differential treatment among the members of a group as distinguished from actions affecting all members equally.”

Types of Performance Appraisal

The four major types of performance appraisal are as follows:


This is where the employee rates their job performance and work behavior.

Peer appraisal

In this appraisal, team members, colleagues, and the workgroup are responsible for the employee’s performance rating.

360-degree performance appraisal

This type of appraisal collects performance ratings from the employee, their immediate supervisor, and peers.

Negotiated appraisal

A new appraisal tendency used to avoid conflicts between employees and their supervisors. In this type of performance appraisal, a mediator evaluates the worker’s performance and focuses on the positive aspects of performance rather than the negative.

Which performance management processes cannot be automated? 

Performance management is a people-centric process. Performance management technology solutions cannot have the complex conversations sometimes necessary with managers. This is the only thing administrators need to do.

Feedback conversations are often challenging, but when supplemented with objective data provided by a performance management system, they can turn into candid discussions and coaching sessions. This data can also help eliminate inherent bias so that employees know they are being judged objectively.

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