Algorithm : Best Meaning, Definition & Characteristics

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Algorithms have a long and storied history in computer science and are extremely important to the development of modern society. There are many ways to define algorithms, but I think it’s easiest to see an algorithm as something that uses rules and steps to get things done. 
You can look at it as a recipe or set of instructions on how to accomplish a task and change this definition if you want (e.g., Algorithms can be used for creative tasks). To understand how algorithms work we need to take a closer look at what they are, how they were created, who invented them, and how they define problems, What is Algorithm ?
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An algorithm is a logical and step-by-step approach to defining a systematic process for computers to solve a specific. Basically, it is made up of a set of rules that define how a task should be performed out in order to achieve the desired results.

Definition of Algorithm

“An algorithm is a finite sequence of discrete, step-by-step instructions for solving a specific problem. It is a sequential set of unambiguous executable steps that define a process that ends.”

Characteristics of Algorithm 

1. Input: An algorithm requires some values as input. As input, an algorithm can be given a value other than 0, this is called Input.
2. Output: At the end of an algorithm, there will be one or more results that is called output.
3. Effectiveness implies that it is also widely expected to be effective.
4. Finiteness implies that it must always end after a finite number of steps.
5. Definiteness requires that each step be precisely defined and clear.

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