Data Definition Language: Best Meaning, Definition, Example

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Data Definition Language (DDL) specific language used to express a database schema through a set of definitions is called a Data Definition Language (DDL). It is also known as Data Description Language 

Definition of DDL 

The Data Definition Language can be defined as a standard for commands where data structures are defined. It is a computer language used to create and modify the structure of database objects, such as schemas, tables, views, indexes, etc.

Data definition languages ​​have a predefined syntax for describing data. For example, to generate a new table using SQL syntax, the CREATE command is used, followed by the parameters for the table name and column definition.

Benefits of DDL

Here are reasons to use the DDL method
  • Allows you to store shared data
  • Data independence improves the integrity
  • Allows multiple users
  • Improves security of access and adequate data access


Suppose you must create a table with these attributes id, name, semester, and year. The name of the table will be its. To define this table and its attributes, use the following SQL statement.
create table units
(id integer,
name char(20), 
semester integer,
year integer);
These lines of code create the following table.


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