What is Customer Relationship Management? Meaning, Definition, Needs, Examples, Roles, Manager, Process, Tools


CRM is a technology that helps companies to develop and expand their customer base, which results in company growth. CRM means one of three things:

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It is a method that assists organizations in collecting and analyzing client data to understand their needs.


it is an ideology that governs how a company handles its relationships with prospects and consumers.


The organizations use to establish and maintain these connections refer to as a process. 

By being more customer-focused, combining these three CRM features may help firms create better success.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of carefully managing detailed information about individual customers and all customer “touch points” to maximize customer loyalty. – Peter Kotler

Customer Relationship Management Definition by Indian Authors

“CRM is a management process of acquiring customers by understanding their requirements, retaining customers by fulfilling their requirements more than their expectations and attracting new customers through customer-specific strategic marketing approach”. – Sagadevan

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Customer relationship management is the art of managing a Business relationship with its customers and potential clients. Customer relationship management involves a variety of methods for maintaining good relationships with both present and new customers.

Organizations ensure that their consumers are happy with their Goods and services to increase clients. Remember that 1 satisfied customer attracts 10 new customers, but 1 unsatisfied customer takes away ten clients.

Need for Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Relationship Management is essential for keeping current customers.
  • CRM always leads to happy customers and, as a result, increases sales.
  • Customer relationship management guarantees that customers return home happy.
  • Customer relationship management improves the organization’s relationship with its customers. Such activities help to build the relationship between sales personnel and clients.

Customer Relationship Management Examples

CRM refers to the strategies, and technologies, that firms use to collect and analyze customer interactions. And data on customer search, with the goal of improving customer relationships and growing customer loyalty. Here are customer relationship management examples that can use in different industries:

  • Retail: A retail business can use CRM to track customer purchases and preferences, and use this information to send targeted marketing emails or personalized product recommendations.
  • Banking: A bank can use CRM to manage customer accounts and exchanges, including tracking customer inquiries and complaints, and using this information to improve customer service.
  • Manufacturing: A manufacturing company can use CRM to track customer orders and delivery schedules, and use this information to improve supply chain management and customer service.

Roles of CRM in Marketing

  • Consumer Relationship Management in Marketing. it assists organizations in managing and analyzing customer interactions and data.
  • CRM enables companies to segment their client base and build focused marketing efforts based on consumer behavior.
  • CRM may help organizations find and track their relations with the firm, allowing them to boost leads and convert them into paying customers.
  • Customer loyalty may be increased by utilizing CRM to track customer interactions and preferences.
  • Automating marketing efforts, including email marketing. And social media marketing, may save time and enhance efficiency.

Who is A Customer Relationship Manager?

A customer relationship manager is one who takes ensuring that current customers have healthy connections. He analyses and applies the data pool to develop strategies to extend the lifetime of the customer connection, solve current customers’ inquiries and complaints, make low-profit customers more lucrative, and so on.

How to Develop Customer Relationships

Here is the customer relationship management process which help you to find more

Identify what your clients value

Some customers will expect a high level of personal engagement with your company. Others may not interest in attracting too much attention; they may want to call you, place an order, and go about their business. Some may be price-conscious, while others would want all the bells and whistles. Continue to listen as best you can!

Show you care

Discover what you have in common with clients and engage in conversation about it; follow up on essential facts. inquire about their children or wish them a happy birthday on the day.

Adjust to their style

If a consumer calls in a hurry, don’t waste their time with small chat and politeness. But, if a consumer calls and wishes to speak with you, do not rush them off the phone.

Make your brand your guide.

Determine that all your customer-facing staff are on the same page. “Even if they have previous experience, they can’t approach their work in the same manner,” Palin argues. “They must mirror the values of your organization.”

Show the desired behavior

The way you treat your staff shows how they should treat your customers. If you’re always looking for ways to save money, your staff may believe they shouldn’t be delivering discounts or adding value in other ways. Which may go a long way toward exceeding client expectations.

Keep in mind that connections need time to develop

While going above and above is vital, Palin believes that “you don’t have to smash a home run with every discussion.”

“The most essential thing is to be aware of the experience you’re providing and to provide it,” Palin adds

Customer Relationship Management Tools

  • salesforce.com
  • Infusionsoft
  • TeamSupport Software
  • Pardot Marketing Automation Software
  • Mhelpdesk

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