Is Business Research and Research Methodology are different things?

Is Business Research and Research Methodology different things?

Yes, business research and research methodology are different things, but they are closely related. Let’s briefly define each concept and highlight its differences.

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Is Business Research and Research Methodology are different things? definepedia

Business Research

  • It is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information to help companies in making the best decisions at the right moment.
  • It focuses on understanding market trends, consumer behaviour, competitors, and other factors that impact a business’s performance and growth.
  • Examples of business research include market research, competitor analysis, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Research Methodology

  • The systematic procedure and methods used to do research in any subject, including business research, are referred to as research methodology.
  • It involves selecting appropriate research designs, data collection methods, and analytical tools to answer specific research questions or hypotheses.
  • Qualitative research methods (e.g., interviews, focus groups), quantitative research methods (e.g., surveys, experiments), and mixed-methods research are examples of research approaches (combining qualitative and quantitative methods).

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