Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Posting Process
Cost to Publish or Add LinkContact us [email protected]
Payment MethodPaypal/Payoneer (Upfront)
Confirmation ProcessShare article title/topic and desired backlinks before sending the completed article. Confirmation upon payment.
Publication TimeWithin a few hours after payment (allow 24 hours from clients)
InvoicePaypal/Payoneer invoice provided for tracking
Article Topics, Rules, and Guidelines
Topic SuggestionsProvided based on shared link(s), or we can write articles for an additional charge
Recommended Article TopicsCheck home page for education topics; articles must be related
Article CriteriaWell-researched, with multiple headlines, at least 1200 words, related to education and learning
Media InclusionsYouTube videos, tweets, infographics accepted. Author information, image, name, 2-3 line bio, and social pages if available.
Links2-3 do-follow links allowed
Rules and Guidelines for Articles
PaymentContact us [email protected]
Content RestrictionsNo loans, betting, gambling, gaming, sensitive medical-health topics, casino, CBD, cannabis, escort, politics, controversial or advertiser-unfriendly topics
Article/Link StatusPermanent on the website; subject to removal or changes if violating guidelines
Removal ReasonsGoogle penalty, missing/non-existent link, spam/fraudulent/phishing/illegal content, or pending payment clearance
TaggingArticle will not be tagged as “sponsored”
Link AttributesLinks will be do-follow

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