Banking and Insurance BBA Semester Exam

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1(a) Explain the banking system in India & it’s historical background.5
(b) List the type of bank & their functions performed in India.5
(c) Describe the central banking & the work of reserve bank of India.5
(d) Contrast the light on Indian financial system in brief.5
(e) Illustrate how RBI control the money supply in economy.5
2(a) Explain financial institution & their functions in Indian financial market.5
(b) Explain the features of debt market & equity market.5
(c) List the financial services offered by financial institutions.5
(d) Differentiate between depository & non depository institution5
(e) Priorities the money market instrument how do they differ from capital market instruments.5
3(a) Describe the banking environment in India.5
(b) Write down the importance & characteristics of corporate banking.5
(c) Describe the retail banking & it’s functions.5
(d) Evaluate the role of Investment banking for developing the corporate sector in economy.5
(e) Demonstrate the importance of venture capital for any organization.5
4(a) Explain the insurance and nature of insurance policy.10
(b) Interpret the types of insurance & their importance.10
Sketch the life insurance contract & Annuities.10
5(a) Contrast the progress of life insurance business in India.10
(b) List the benefits of tax rebate under the insurance policy & taxation system.10
(c) Evaluate the importance of rural insurance & it’s growth in India.10

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