Banking And Insurance MTE 1 (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1Explain the basic function of a bank in the banking system, and how has the banking system evolved over time?CO 12
2Explain the main types of banks found in the banking industry, and briefly describe the functions of each type?CO 17
3Discuss the role of the central bank in a country’s financial system, and can you provide an overview of the Reserve Bank of India’s functions in the Indian banking system?CO 12
4Explain the key differences between Debt Market and Equity Market in terms of financial Instruments and how they function in raising capital for companies.CO 22
5Analyze role Non-Depository Institutions play in providing financial services, and could you provide an example of a non-depository institution and the services it offers?CO 223
6Discuss the primary role of a financial institution in the economy, and can you provide an example of one?CO 22,3
7Analyze the primary focus of Corporate Banking, and who are its main clients?CO 32,3
8Elaborate the typical services provided by Retail Banks to individual customers?CO 32,3
9Differentiate how Corporate Banking differ from Retail Banking in terms of its customer base and services provided?CO 32,3

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