Business Environment Semester Exam BBA

AWhy did India adopt mixed economy model of development?CO 1
AWhat do you understand by the concept of the business environment?CO 1
AExplain the internal and external factors of the business environment?CO 1
AWhat is the Role and Responsibilities of WTO?CO 1
BExplain the reasons why India considered it necessary to adopt economic planningCO 2
BExplain Special Economic Zone ConceptCO 2
BDiscuss the long-term goals as adopted for economic planning in India. Is it correct to presume that of latest, plans have virtually abandoned the long-term goals of reduction in poverty, income inequality and unemployment?CO 2
BExplain the term FERA? Differerice between FER & FEMA.CO 2
CWhat is globalization? Why do companies go global? Briefly discuss the ways in which globalization is manifested.CO 3
CWhat do you mean by MRTP Act? Difference between MRTP Act 1969 and Competition Act 2002CO 3
CWhat is the impact of Liberalization Privatization and Globalization on business?CO 3
DWhat do you mean by monetary policy? Discuss the Qualitative & Quantitative methods of credit control in India.CO 4
DDiscuss the role playing by EXIM Bank of India to increase the size and the direction of international trade under the guidelines of the present EXIM policy.CO 4
DState the salient features of 1991 industrial policyCO 4
EWhat are the functions of World Trade Organization in promoting World Trade?CO 5
EWhat are the barriers to foreign direct investment?CO 5
EWhat are the 4 roles of the WTO?CO 5

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