Entrepreneurship Development MTE 1 (BBA)

1Discuss the key theories of entrepreneurship, including the trait theory, behavioral theory, and opportunity-based theoryCO 12
2Differentiate between various types of entrepreneurship, such as small business entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and scalable startup entrepreneurship. Provide examples of each.CO 12
3Discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with women entrepreneurship.CO 12
4Explain the concept of an entrepreneurial environment. What are the key clements that shape a conducive environment for entrepreneurial activities?CO 22,3
5Describe the stages involved in the process of entrepreneurial development, from idea generation to business establishment and growth.CO 22,3
6Explain the specialized institutions, and how do they contribute to entrepreneurial development? Give examples of institutions that provide specific support to entrepreneurs.CO 22,3
7Discuss the key opportunities for entrepreneurs in Uttarakhand in the current economic landscape?CO 3
8Explain the challenges do entrepreneurs face when starting businesses in Uttarakhand’s hilly terrain and remote areas?CO 3
9Explain the issues faced by the entrepreneurs when starting business in Uttarakhand?CO 3

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