Entrepreneurship Development Semester Exam BBA

1Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.CO2
(a) What are the various types of entrepreneurship?CO 12
(b) How do cultural and societal factors influence entrepreneurial behavior and success?CO 12
(c) What are the key traits and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?CO 21
(d) Investigate the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in accessing resources and support.CO 22
(e) Discuss the global perspective of women entrepreneurship.CO 12
2Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.CO2
(a) Discuss the role of entrepreneurship in economic developmentCO 22
(b) Analyze the role of government in promoting entrepreneurship.CO 22
(c) Explain the role of entrepreneurship development programs in fostering entrepreneurial skills and ventures.CO 22
(d) Investigate the concept of work-life balance for women entrepreneurs.CO 22
(e) Explain the process of obtaining a patent.CO 22
3Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.CO2
(a) Explain the role of educational institutions and skill development programs in preparing the youth of Uttarakhand for entrepreneurship.CO 34
(b) What are the key opportunities for entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand.CO 34
(c) Investigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurship in UttarakhandCO 34
(d) Discuss the importance of digital connectivity and e-commerce in the present scenario for entrepreneursCO 34
(e) What is the role of trademarks in protecting brands and their reputation?CO 34
4Attempt Any Two Parts. Each Question Carries 10 Marks.COBL
(a) Analyze the impact of government policies and initiatives on supporting women entrepreneurs. What policies can be implemented to further encourage and empower women in business?CO 45
(b) Describe the stages in the process of entrepreneurial development, from identifying opportunities to establishing and growing a successful business. Highlight the critical steps and challenges at each stage.CO 45
(c) Describe the various financial incentives of both the Central and State Governments offer to support entrepreneurs with examples.CO 45
5Attempt Any Two Parts. Each Question Carries 10 Marks.COBL
(a) Discuss the various types of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Explain the main differences between them.CO 5
(b) Discuss the components of the entrepreneurial environment and their impact on entrepreneurial development. How do factors like culture, legal systems, and economic conditions influence entrepreneurship?CO 54
(c) Analyze the role of regulatory institutions in providing infrastructure and logistical support to entrepreneurs. How does this contribute to the ease of doing business?CO 54

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