Environmental Studies Semester Examination (BBA)

1) Attempt all parts: [4*6=24]
a) Define Ecosystem and its types in detail. [C01]6
b) Differentiate between food chain and food web with labeled diagram.6
c) Describe multidisciplinary nature of Environmental studies [CO1]6
d) What is environmental ethics discuss in detail?6
2) Attempt all parts: [4*6=24]
a) What are the various benefits and problems related to dams? [CO2]6
b) What are natural resources? Discuss about water resources? [CO2]6
c) What are the ecological and commercial uses of forest resources? [CO2]6
d) What is ‘Population Explosion? Discuss the Indian scenario.6
3) Attempt any two parts: [2*9=18]
a) Describe India as a mega-biodiversity nation, [CO3]9
b) What is biodiversity? Define the in-situ and ex-situ biodiversity conservation methods in detail.9
c) What are the various threats to biodiversity?9
4) Attempt any two parts: [2*9=18]
a) What is air pollution? Describe its causes and effects in detail. [CO4]9
b) Describe the term Global Warming and climate change with impact on human9
c) What is water pollution Discuss its causes and controlling measures in detail.9
5) Attempt any two parts: [2*8=16]
a) What are the major impact of population growth on environment and human health? [CO5]8
b) What are the different methods to spread environmental awareness in the society?8
c) Discuss the role of NGO’s in environmental protection by giving examples.8
Total Marks: 100

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