Financial Market and Institution MTE 1 BBA

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1Explain ‘commercial banks play role in financial system’.CO 1B2
2Describe need of good financial system in nation.CO 1B2
3Discuss types of Financial institutions.(any two)CO 1B2
4Describe briefly both Capital market and money market.CO 1B2
5Discuss any two financial asset.CO 1B2
6Discuss institutions involved in money market. (any two)CO 2B2
7Describe short term securities with example.CO 2B2
8Describe money market with reference working in financial system.CO 2B2
9Explain briefly Commercial bill and certificate of deposit.CO 2B2
10Explain Organized sector in financial system.CO 2B2
11Analyze long term market instruments.(any two)CO 3B4
12Examine the Concept of capital market.CO 3B4
13Analyze Primary and secondary instruments.CO 3B4

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