Fundamental of Investment Semester Exam (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.
(a) Sketch the meaning of Gambling and also explain how it is different from InvestmentCO 12
(b) Discuss the term Risk. Explain different types of risks also state their components.CO 12
(c) Explain the steps in portfolio construction.CO 12
(d) Explain the functions of Capital Market.CO 12
(e) Briefly explain the term Oscillators also explain is various types.CO 12
2Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.
(a) Discuss Speculation in stock market. Discuss and explain the types of Speculator.CO 23
(b) Sketch the DOW theory with its criticism.CO 23
(c) Elaborate the different methods of measuring return. Explain the relationship between risk & return.CO 23
(d) Explain the trading system in Stock exchanges.CO 23
(e) Briefly explain the important motives for Investments.CO 23
3Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.
(a) Explain role & function of Primary Market? Explain in details the SEBI guidelines on Primary Market.CO 33,4
(b) Briefly explain the Guilt Edge Securities Market.CO 33,4
(c) Explain the types of risk faced by the Portfolio manager.CO 33,4
(d) Explain the Non-financial form of investment.CO 33,4
(e) Explain the derivatives market in brief.CO 33,4
4Attempt Any Two Parts. Each Question Carries 10 Marks.
(a) Briefly explain what is Portfolio Management? What are the various approaches to Portfolio Analysis and Portfolio Evaluation.CO 42,3
(b) Sketch a note on Mutual Funds. Explain its structure and advantages.CO 42,3
(c) Explain the problems of forward market.CO 42,3
5Attempt Any Two Parts. Each Question Carries 10 Marks.
(a) Explain the guidelines (SEBI for IPO, Rights Issue and Bonus Issue).CO 54,5
(b) Explain the concept of Fundamental analysis & also state their objective.CO 54,5
(c) Explain the industry classification also explain the industry life cycle.

Note: CO stands for Course Outcome

BL stands for Bloom’s Level.

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