Human Resource Management Semester Exam (BBA)

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1Management of men is a challenging job. Explain.
2Explain the various methods of interview.
3Differentiate between transfer and promotion.
4What are the objectives of HRP?
5What do you mean by “Halo error” in performance appraisal?
6Discuss in detail process of job analysis.
7List out the limitations of performance appraisal.
8Discuss the importance of discipline.
9Discuss the traditional and modern techniques of Performance Appraisal.
10Explain the external sources of recruitment and the role of recruitment agencies.
11What are the different methods of training?
12Explain the steps involved in selection process.
13What is job description? Describe its content with the help of an example.
14Define Management Development Programme (MDP). Explain its importance in organization.
15Explain the meaning, objectives and scope of HRM.
16What is motivation? Explain the Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation.
17Write the induction programme in detail.

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