Income Tax MTE 2 (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBLMarks
1Explain the concept of “Heads of Income” and its significance in the Indian tax system?CO32,42
2Discuss the different types of perquisites provided by employers in India?CO32,42
3An employee receives a monthly basic salary of ₹40.000 and a monthly HRA of ₹5,000. If the employee pays a monthly rent of ₹10,000, Calculate the taxable HRA?CO32,42
4Discuss the incomes which are not neither included in Total Income nor are the inecque tax payable on them?CO43.54
5Discuss the different types of Provident Fund and explain can a Non-salaried person be a member of any provident fund?CO43,54
6Discuss the provisions of Income Tax Act with regard to the depreciation of deductions?CO43,54
7Demonstrate how the deduction under Section 80CCC is calculated?CO554
8Mr. X resides in Chennai. He is paid ₹36000 as basic salary. He also gets ₹100000 ts House rent allowance. The rent paid by him is ₹75000. Calculate exempt and taxable House rent allowance?CO53,44
9Discuss the role of the employer in determining the tax liability on perquisites in India?CO53,44

CO: Course Outcome

BL: Bloom’s Level

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