Leadership Skills (BBA) MTE 1

Question NumberQuestion
1Describe some key qualities of a good leader that makes him an effective coach?
2Leadership is the key tool to handle professional environment. Define with appropriate example.
3Listening skills is very important to learn and apply proper communication. Describe?
4Define some effective strategies for managing and resolving conflicts in the workplace?
5Discuss some common barriers to effective workplace communication, and how can they be overcome?
6Describe some Effective strategies for improving learning skills.
7Define some effective strategies or techniques that individuals can improve their learning skills and retain information more effectively.
8Continuous learning and development among team members or students should be mandatory. Elaborate the statement.
9Team building is the spirit to work in a healthy environment of professionalism. Describe.
10Discuss some good team skill development techniques.
11Differentiate between self-Regulation and self -examination.
12Self-concept is an individual description of a person’s qualities. Explain?
13Describe emotional intelligence.

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