Leadership Skills MTE 2 (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBLMarks
1An individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors make impression on others. Describe?CO 32,32
2What is self-awareness, and why is it important for personal growth and development?CO 32,32
3Define some common factors that can influence an individual’s self-concept, such as culture, gender, and personality traits?CO 32,32
4Discuss the role of risk-taking in entrepreneurship.CO 42,34
5What are some common traits shared by successful entrepreneurs?CO 42,34
6Identify some of the most common challenges faced by entrepreneurs today.CO 42.34
7Can you define the term “human values” and explain their importance in personal and professional life?CO 53,44
8Define the concept of professional ethics, and discuss why they are essential for success in any career.CO 53,44
9Discuss the role of codes of ethics in promoting ethical competence, and identify some of the key features of effective codes of ethicsCO 53,44

CO: Course Outcome

BL: Bloom’s Level

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