Legal Aspects of Business Semester Exam (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1(a) What do you mean by business law?BL1
(b) Explain relationship between government and business.BL2
(c) How laws and business managers related?BL3
(d) Differentiate between Proposal and Acceptance.BL2
(e) Describe Essentials of contractBL4
2(a) Elaborate on capacities to contracts?BL3
(b) Describe remedies against breach of contract?BL3
(c) Explain contract of Agency.BL4
(d) Out line contract of bailment.BL4
(e) Discuss contract of guarantee.BL4
3Differentiate between Sale Agreement and Agreement to Sell.BL2
(a) (b) Explain Conditions and Warranties.BL3
(c) Elaborate Transfer of Title by Non Owners?BL2
(d) Describe Auction Sale?BL4
(e) Explain powers and duties of unpaid seller.BL4
4Define partnership and discuss kinds of partnership.BL2
(a) Explain the process o of a firm dissolve.BL5
(b) Explain the process of dissolution of a firm.BL5
(c) Discuss Minor as a partner.BL3
5(a) Explain essential features of Negotiable Instrument.BL4
Discuss various pades to Negotiable Instrument?BL5
Explain Types of Instruments and Endorseraents.BL5
(c) Briefly Explain the term Oscillators also explain is various types.BL2
Discuss the various remedies available to a holder of a negotiable instrument.BL5

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