Marketing Management Semester Exam (BBA)

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1What are the marketing concepts? Explain the evolution process of management philosophy.
2Determine the PLC (Product Life Cycle) of Tata Nano. Give relevant justification for your answer.
3Describe the stages of consumer buying decision process.
4Briefly explain the concept of positioning, with suitable example?
5What would be suitable segmentation basis for the following and why?
6Give the concept of marketing mix and mention the various factors affecting the marketing mix.
7Discuss the reasons for growth of services in India.
8“India is emerging as a service giant in world economy”-Comment.
9Discuss psychological pricing strategy. Illustrate with examples the application of psychological pricing strategy.
10What is Surrogate Advertising? Explain with examples. As per you surrogate advertising is a boon or bane. Justify your answer.
11What are the various factors, which must be considered while making distribution channel selection?
12What do you mean by Logistics? What are the types of logistics?
13What do you mean by Marketing Organization? Explain Different types of marketing organization.
14What is the root cause of organizational problems how they can be fixed?

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