Organisational Behaviour Semester Exam (BBA)

Question NumberQuestionCOBL
Q1(a)“Organizational Behaviour represents interactions among individuals, groups and the organization.” Elucidate this statement.14
Q1(b)What is free rein leadership? Distinguish between Autocratic and democratic leadership.14
Q1(c)Explain the Attribution theory of perception.14
Q1(d)What is Personality? What are some common types of personalities? What are the various factors affecting personality? What are the important features of Bureaucratic administration?14
Q2(a)“Reinforcement theory of learning is at the root of behaviour modification,” Examine this statement.24
Q2(b)Explain with examples the concepts of cognitive and social learning. What is the relevance of social learning in modern organization?24
Q2(c)Why are there few absolutes in OB? What are the challenges and opportunities for Managers in using OB concepts?24
Q2(d)What type of Leadership is effective in Indian Culture?21
Q2(e)What is the role of Power & Politics in organization? Does it hinder organizational performance or is it inevitable in today’s context for survival Discuss21
Q3(a)Distinguish between Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory and Herzberg’s two factor theory.34
Q3(b)What is Conflict? What are its causes and how it can be managed effectively? Explain.31
Q3(c)Discuss the nature of emerging organization structure.34
Q3(d)Explain the process of group formation. What are the hindrances in it and how can they be overcome to form effective groups?34
Q3(e)What is a learning organization? Outline its pre-requisites and importance for a creative & innovative organizational culture. How does it help the organizations survive in cut throat competition?32
Q4(a)“People sometimes resist change for the sake of resistance.” Comment44
Q4(b)Define Organizational Behaviour. Outline the challenges and opportunities for OB practitioners in today’s culturally diverse organizations.44
Q4(c)Define Personality. Outline the factors influencing personality of an individual. Critically discuss the various theories of personality?44
Q5(a)Social Loafing and its causes54
Q5(b)Explain the role of learning theories in understanding and changing the individual behavior? How is classical conditioning different from operant conditioning in changing employee behavior in the organization?54
Q5(c)What is organization development? Outline the various OD interventions that can be employed to enhance organizational effectiveness level54

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