Organisational Behaviour Semester Exam HR755 (BBA)

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Q1Why is study of organizational behavior important?
Q2Write briefly the concept of right attitude.
Q3What is halo effect in perception?
Q4What are the components of attitude?
Q5What is group dynamics?
Q6Explain MBTI?
Q7What are the problems associated with grouping?
Q8Write some leadership traits.
Q9When is group cohesiveness required?
Q10Write the concept of organizational culture.
Q11Explain the scope of OB (Answer Any Eight out of Twelve)
Q12Explain theoretical framework of OB.
Q13Distinguish between soft and hard culture
Q14Explain Big Five Personality dimensions.
Q15Distinguish between a group and team with example
Q16Explain the ways to improve group effectiveness.
Q17Explain the implications of formal and informal groups on management
Q18Explain various leadership styles and their implications.
Q19Explain the stages of group development
Q20“Leader is a person who knows the way, goes the way and shows the ways.” Justify
Q21Distinguish between strong and week culture.
Q22Do you think that present day organization needs workplace spirituality? Justily your arguments
Q23Compare and contrast Maslow’s Need Priority Model and Herzberg’s two factor Theory of motivation
Q24Describe job attitude, its barriers and measures to improve it.
Q25Describe the factors influencing employees’ perception in organization and measures to overcome perceptual errors.
Q26Describe the dimensions and determinants of organizational culture. Discuss how culture and ethos are maintained by the organization. Give examples.

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