Production Management Semester Exam (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1Describe the term Production Management. Give its nature.CO 12
Explain the concept of Production analysis and planning.CO 12
Describe the factors that determine plant location.CO 12
Discuss the production function in detail. Give the various components of production function.CO 12
Describe the role and responsibilities of the production manager.CO 12
2Critically analyze any five objectives of product planning and control.CO 24
Discuss the concept of materials management. Mention the scope of material management.CO 22
Describe the concept of PPC. Give its importance.CO 22
Explain the purchasing functions. Describe its procedure.CO 22
Explain the benefits of store keeping, mention the factors need be taken care for making it effective.CO 22
3Illustrate the various techniques of Inventory control.CO 33
Explain the nature of inventory control. Why is inventory control required?CO 35
Explain the various reasons for keeping Inventories.CO 35
Demonstrate Inventory order cycle with the help of diagram.CO 33
Discover the various relevant costs involved in inventory control.CO 33
4Analyze the scope and advantages of Automation.CO 44
Evaluate the factors influencing Productivity.CO 45
Explain the concept of product development and designing. Give various stages of new product development.CO 44
5Compare the material flow process chart with man flow process chart.CO 54
Explain the concept of quality control and inspection. Give reasons why is it required?CO 54
Analyze the concept of quality control charts. Explain its various types.CO 54

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