Professional Skills Semester Exam (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.
(a) Evaluate the stages in the process of an interview.CO 12
(b) Discuss the dos and don’ts of interview.CO 12
(c) Analyze the expected answer to the question-Introduce Yourself in an interview.CO 12
(d) Explain the types of interviews.CO 12
“Body language plays a vital role in final selection.” Justify the statement.CO 12
2Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.
(a) Discuss the Big Five Theory of non-cognitive skills.CO 22
(b) Knowledge of cognition contains various aspects of cognitive awareness. Elaborate any three.CO 22
(c) Critically evaluate the elements of public speaking.CO 22
(d) Justify the statement A leader is he, who believes in making more leaders.’CO 25
(e) In the age of artificial intelligence, emotional intelligence is much needed. Do you agree?CO 24
3Attempt Any Four Parts. Each Question Carries 5 Marks.
(a) Mention any five rules of netiquettes for effective communication.CO 32
(b) Courtesy is an important feature of a good communicator. Elaborate.CO 32
Describe in detail telephone etiquettes.CO 32
(d) Analyze how table manners prove that you are a civilized person.CO 34
What do you understand by professional ethics.CO 32
4Attempt Any Two Parts. Each Question Carries 10 Marks.
What are the barriers to communication? List all with examples.CO 42
(b) Communication takes place at various levels in an organization. Demonstrate with the help of flow charts.CO 43
(c) Technical communication is an integral part of the functioning of the whole society. Assess the importance of technical communication.CO 45
5Attempt Any Two Parts. Each Question Carries 10 Marks.
(a) Write a solicited proposal to XYZ Ltd company, offering the land on lease. Furnish necessary details.CO 56
(b) Write a technical report on the cause of decrease in sales in your company. You are the general manager of Scholastic Stationers.CO 56
(c) What do you understand by minutes? Draw the format of formal minutes.CO 52

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