Strategic Management BBA (Semester Exam)

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1(a) Define business policy and strategic management. How do these concepts differ, and what is their scope in the context of business administration?CO 12
(b) Discuss the various factors that influence the development and execution of business policies and strategies.CO 12
(c) Define corporate strategy, business strategy, and functional strategy.CO 12
(d) Explain the concept of business-level strategies and how they contribute to a firm’s competitive advantage in a specific market or industry.CO 12
(e) Analyze the importance of strategic management in achieving an organization’s long-term goals and competitive advantage.CO 13
2(a) What is strategic planning, and how does it differ from other forms of planning in an organization?CO 22
(b) Explain the steps involved in the planning process, from initiation to implementation.CO 22
(c) What is corporate planning, and why is it important for an organization’s success?CO 22
(d) Differentiate between objectives and goals in the context of corporate planning.CO 22
(e) Define the vision and mission of an organization and its importance in guiding strategic planning.CO 23
3(a) Explain the concept of a stability strategy. When is it typically employed by organizations, and what are its key characteristics?CO 33
(b) Describe the different types of growth or expansion strategies.CO 33
(c) What is diversification strategy, and how does it differ from other growth strategies?CO 32
(d) Explain the concept of a combination strategy and how it involves elements of both growth and stability strategies.CO 32
(e) What are the primary internal factors that influence an organization’s choice of strategy?CO 32
4(a) Describe the various types of organizational structures, including functional, divisional, and matrix.CO 42
(b) Explain the Porter 5 force model with an example.CO 42
(c) Explain the role and importance of BCG matrix in strategic management.CO 42
5(a) What is the purpose of strategic evaluation and control in the strategic management process?CO 52
(b) Define the concept of strategic control and its role in ensuring that an organization’s strategy remains on track.CO 52
(c) Discuss the various mechanisms that organizations can use for strategic control, including feedback systems.CO 53

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