Strategic Management MTE 1 (BBA)

Q. No.QuestionCOBL
1What is the nature of business policy and strategic management, and how do they differ from day-to-day operational management?CO 12,3
2What is the scope of business policy and strategic management, and how do they encompass various levels of an organization’s decision-making process?CO 12,3
3Why is strategic management important for organizations in today’s competitive business environment, and how does it contribute to their long-term success?CO 13
4Differentiate between corporate strategy, business strategy, and functional strategy, and explain how they align with an organization’s overall objectives.CO 23
5Explain the concept of strategic management and how it can create value for organizationsCO 21
6What is the concept of corporate planning, and how does it differ from dry-to-day operational planning in organizations?CO 22
7Explain the fundamental principles that underpin the planning process. Why planning is crucial for an organization’s success?CO 32
8Critically evaluate the Strategic management Process. Explain the role of SWOT analysis in strategy formulation.CO 33
9What is the importance of Strategic Management in the face of globalization?CO 32

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