Strategic Management MTE 2 (BBA)

Explain the concept of a stability strategy and provide examples of when organizations might choose to pursue this approach.Section A (UNIT-III)2
What are the key characteristics of a growth or expansion strategy?Section A (UNIT-III)2
What are the key internal and external factors that influence an organization’s choice of strategy among these major options?Section A (UNIT-III)2
How does the choice of organizational structure impact the successful implementation of a company’s strategic plan?Section B (UNIT-IV)4
What are the key characteristics of a functional organizational structure, and in what types of organizations is it most commonly used?Section B (UNIT-IV)4
Explain the BCG matrix with examples.Section B (UNIT-IV)4
Explain McKinney 7S framework with examples.Section C (UNIT-V)4
What is the purpose of strategic evaluation and control in the strategic management process, and how does it contribute to an organization’s success?Section C (UNIT-V)4
Can you provide an overview of the key steps and components involved in the strategic evaluation and control process?Section C (UNIT-V)4

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