Universal Human Values (BBA / BCA) Semester Exam

What is happiness and how it leads to prosperity?CO 13
Different forms of love can be defined with the importance of Universal Human values.CO 13
Give reasons? Explain the importance of ‘Value Education’ in order to improve one’s well being.CO 12
Explain the difference between animal consciousness and human consciousnessCO 13
What are the different levels of human living and how are they inter-related?CO 12
How a good environment leads to better relationship with the nature?CO 24
What is self regulation? How it helps in achieving the goal?CO 23
Empathy and sympathy are the two key tools for getting success in life. Define with a chart.CO 23
List any five naturally acceptable feelings in human-human relationships.CO 22
List three differences between the needs of the Self and the Body.CO 22
Explain the concept of harmony. How trust is an important element in bringing harmony?CO 33
What is truth? How truthfulness can lead to improving the services?CO 32
What is ethics? Why is it important to create a civilized society?CO 32
Draw a diagram to show the different orders of nature and their interconnectedness.CO 32
Peace and harmony has equally importance for an individual and organization. Elaborate the statementCO 34
Draw the importance of Renunciation (Sacrifice) for a human being.CO 44
What can be the needs of self (I) in understanding oneself?CO 44
What are the ways to bring harmony between self (I) and society?CO 43
How value education can help one to become a good hotelier?CO 53
How is education a continuous source of happiness?CO 53
What is a family? How it helps to grow the entire Society?CO 52

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