Top 7 Writing Strategies Every Writer Should Know

Every writer wants to rank content higher in SERPs to attract a maximum audience. This demands writers to craft high-quality content which is mostly a difficult-to-do task. However, by following some right strategies they can solve this mystery.

If you are also a writer, then keep engaged with us. Here, we are going to explain the top 7 writing strategies, implementing which you can easily craft higher quality content.

Writing Strategies which Every Writer Needs to Know

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Before writing any content pieces, it is necessary for you (as a content writer) to know what your target audience is. By target audience, we refer to a specific group of people or demographic that will read your content pieces and for which they have to likewise resonate.

For Example:

“If you are going to write educational content for academic purposes, then students and teachers will be your target audience.”

Effective Tips to Identify Target Audience

Here are some useful tips following which you can easily decide about what is their target audience:

  • You should conduct market research and utilize surveys, interviews, focus groups, and online analytics to gather data.
  • Analyze social media to get insights regarding your audience. Moreover, we suggest you pay attention to comments, messages, and discussions to understand audience sentiment.
  • You can do competitive analysis to quickly identify your target audience.

2. Conduct Effective Research for Every Topic

Writers should conduct in-depth research on every topic before starting their writing process. Following this strategy will help them to better understand their topic and write credible information.

So, as a writer, you should conduct research before writing about the subject matter.

Helpful Tips to Conduct Effective Research

Below are some helpful tips that will prove beneficial in conducting effective research:

  • Search multiple phrases on the Internet that are somehow relevant to your topic and read material from the results or sources provided by a search engine.
  • We recommend going through credible and updated information sources, during research.
  • Collect incredible data, and accurate stats to use them for supporting your claims.

3. Create a Powerful Titles

Another effective strategy that is useful for writers is creating optimized and powerful titles for every content piece.

A title is the first thing that people will see or read about your blog, article, or any other content piece. If you write powerful titles, there are chances of increased CTR and ultimately better ranking in SERPS.

Useful Tips to Write Powerful Titles

For writing powerful content titles, we’ve listed some useful tips below:

  • Use the focus keyword in the title.
  • Add some power to grab the attention of people such as; The Best, Top, Demanding, Proficient, etc.
  • Write concise and descriptive titles that reflect the essence of your content.

For Example:

Below are some powerful titles for the sake of examples.

Content Marketing: “Effective Ways to Elevate Content Marketing.”Business Productivity: “7 Proven Strategies to Enhance Your Business Productivity.”Innovative Technology: “10 Most Useful Effects of Innovative Technology to Better Living Standard.”

4. Use Simple and Compelling language

Using simple and compelling language throughout the writing is another strategy that every writer should know about and adopt as well. Implementing this strategy will make your content comprehensible and engaging to read to people. As a result, it will make your audience spend more time reading your content.

Tips for Making Your Writing Simple and Compelling

Below are some tips that will help you and every other writer,  make writing simple and compelling to read.

  • You should prefer simple and easier-to-apprehend words and phrases over complex or difficult ones.
  • Remove all the instances of redundancies from your writing.
  • Prefer active voice over passive voice for structuring your sentences.
  • Use trendy and engaging words to read in place of casual or old-type ones.

However, if you are unable to implement this strategy manually, you can use an automatic way that is paraphrase tool free. A paraphrasing tool will enable you to transform your writing from difficult and boring to simple and engaging to read. All you need to do is pass your original writing through the tool. A paraphraser will replace a maximum of casual and complex terms with trendy, unique, simple, and compelling-to-read ones.

For Example:

We improved the below sample text by passing it through a paraphrasing tool i.e.

Our Sample Text:

“There are multiple ways of amending your inditement skills. However, the most fundamental thing that every inscriber should amend for inditing is its Ingeniousness. This is because inditing is all about generating ingenious conceptions.”


Improved Text:

“There are several ways to tinker with your impeachment skills. However, the most basic thing that any applicant must modify to write is his or her ingenuity. Indeed, editing is about creating skillful designs.”


5. Implement On-Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO technique is a strategy that writers should never forget to implement. This is because it is necessary for elevating the ranking of your content in the SERPs.

On-page SEO Techniques to Use in Your Writing/Content

In the below sections, we have discussed some prominent and most useful on-page SEO techniques:

  • Add focus and LSI  keywords throughout your writing, especially in the Title, Introduction, Headings, and Conclusion.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in your writing as it can result in negative consequences. Furthermore, adjust keyword density between 1-2%.
  • Do internal linking and external linking of your writing with relevant pages.
  • Use optimized visuals in your writing. For images, you should write Alt-text also.

6. Always Avoid Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism is a mandatory strategy to know for every type of writer. By plagiarism, we refer to an illegal act of using someone’s text or writing as your own, without providing any credit to the original source.

If plagiarism is found in your content, it will verily hurt the credibility as well as the professionalism of your writing.

Simple Tips that Will Help You Avoid Plagiarism

Here are some simple tips that will help you avoid

  • While conducting research, you should not rely on a single source of information. However, we suggest reading materials from multiple sources.
  • Whenever you borrow or read some writing piece from other sources, you need to paraphrase it in your own words.
  • In the case, you get some stats or quotes from other sources, we suggest enclosing them in Quotation marks or Cite their actual source.

7. Proofread Your Content

This strategy needs to be applied by writers before finalizing their writing. Proofreading refers to the process of carefully checking a writing for errors. It is a very last as well as effective strategy of the writing process that is implemented to ensure that writing is error-free.

Helpful Tips to Proofread Your Writing

Below are some helpful tips that will make you effectively do the process of proofreading:

  • Check your writing for grammatical, typos, and punctuation flaws. In case, you find any slip-ups you should correct them along the way.
  • Eliminate extra details as well as spaces from your content that can distract your content.
  • Check your writing for plagiarism with the help of an online plagiarism checker.

And so on…


In this post, we comprehensively explained the top 7 strategies that will help writers make their writing effective. Now is the time to implement these strategies for every type of writing. We hope this will positively reflect your writing.

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