What are the types of Management Information System ( MIS ) ? | Briefly Explained

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Definition of MIS

What are the Types of MIS ( Management Information Systems)

Management Information System 

All levels of accounting management share all accounting reports. 

Financial Management Information Systems 

These provide financial information to all financial managers in an organization, including the chief financial officer.

Production Management Information Systems 

More than any other functional area, dramatic advances in technology have impacted operations, so manufacturing has changed.
For example, inventory is supplied promptly so that large sums of money are not spent on inventory.

Marketing management information systems 

Marketing management information systems support management activities in the areas of product development, distribution, pricing decisions, promotional effectiveness, and forecasting.

Human Resource Management Information System 

It deals with business-related workers, managers and others employed by an organization for the function of related personnel to all other areas of the company.
Human resource management information systems play a valuable role in ensuring organizational systems.u incding workforce analysis and planning, recruitment, training, and assignment.

Structure of a management information system 

A management information system has been described as decision support for management activities and organizational functions.

Conceptual structure 

The conceptual structure of a management information system is defined as a combination of functional subsystems, each of which is divided into four main components: information processing, transaction processing, the control system supports the information system, the management control information system, the management control information system and the strategy.
The planning information system contains unique data files used only by this subsystem.

Physical structure 

The physical structure of the management information system will resemble the conceptual structure of all applications consisting of completely separate programs used by a function, but this is usually not true. Important information can be obtained from
1 – Integrated processing
2 – Using common modules
Integrated processing is achieved by designing many related applications as a single system to simplify connections and reduce duplicate entries. A good example is the order entry system. Recording an order triggers a processing sequence.

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