Marketing Topics

Marketing Fundamentals

  1. What is Marketing | Definition, Tactics, Purpose, & Facts
  2. Marketing Management: Meaning, Definition, Application
  3. Marketing Process: 5 Key Elements of Marketing Process
  4. Mission Statement – Its 3 Types and Process of Good Mission Statement
  5. Marketplace Concepts – With 5 Important Core Points

Marketing Strategies and Planning:

  1. Market-Oriented Strategic Planning | Key Elements for Success in Today’s Competitive Market
  2. SWOT Analysis: Meaning, Definition, 4 Variables, Advantages, Disadvantages
  3. BCG Matrix: Definition, Chart with Explanation and How to Implement
  4. Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) Model: 3 Steps
  5. Market Coverage: Definition, Strategies, Examples
  6. Market Positioning and Its Strategies, Importance with Errors
  7. Market Competition: Definitions, Types, Importance, 4 Levels, Techniques
  8. Market Demand Estimation with 3 Important Methods and its Pros, Cons
  9. Marketing Intelligence System: Definitions, Benefits, And its 4 Components
  10. Marketing Information: Definition, Sources, Need for Marketing Information
  11. Market Evolution: Definition, Stages, and Examples

Product and Pricing:

  1. What is a Product: Its Factors and Types
  2. Product Line: Definition & Examples
  3. Product Mix: Explanation and Decisions
  4. Kotler’s Levels of Product
  5. Product Life Cycle: Stages and Marketing Strategies

Price Adaptation:

  1. Price: Meaning, Role, Steps of Price Setting Process, Reaction to Price Change
  2. Price Adaptation: Meaning, Goals, Strategies

Promotion and Communication:

  1. Advertising and 5 Major Decisions in Advertising
  2. Sales Promotion: Definition and Benefits
  3. Public Relations: Definition, Tools, Decisions
  4. Personal Selling: Definition, Roles, Steps, Importance
  5. Process of Marketing Communication with Example
  6. Societal Marketing (Social Marketing): Definition, Advantages, Examples

Distribution and Retail:

  1. What is Logistics Management? Nature, Goals, Functions
  2. Channel of Distribution Selection Considerations
  3. Retailing: Definition, Types, Characteristics
  4. Wholesaling: Meaning, Types, Benefits

Consumer Behavior:

  1. How Socialization Impacts Consumer Behavior?
  2. Consumer Buying Decision Process
  3. Culture: Definition, Functions, Characteristics, Elements
  4. Reference Groups: Meaning, Types, Primary and Secondary Reference Groups
  5. Learning: Definition and Components
  6. Consumer Behavior Models

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility:

  1. Business Ethics: Definition, Principles, Features, Example, Roles
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility: Definition, Concept, Process, Scopes

Marketing Management Theorists:

  1. Philip Kotler – Definition of Marketing Management | MIS | New Product, Decision Making, Personal Selling, Branding, with Biography
  2. Peter Ferdinand Drucker
  3. Theodore Levitt

Additional Definitions and Resources:

  1. American Marketing Association (AMA) | Best Definitions List
  2. Prof. William J. Stanton
  3. Advertising Association (AAA)
  4. Engel, Blackwell, and Mansard: Consumer Behavior: Best Meaning, Definition
  5. Louden and Bitta | What is Consumer Behaviour? Best Meaning, Definition
  6. Michael Hall | Event Marketing: Best Meaning, Definition
  7. Terpstra, Sorathy | International Marketing: Meaning, Definition and Complete Guide
  8. Cateora and Graham | International Marketing: Meaning, Definition
  9. Ronald E. Turner
  10. Mason and Rath
  11. Limpson and Darling
  12. Stanton
  13. Musselman and Jackson
  14. Cravens
  15. Baker
  16. Lambin
  17. Hart & Stapleton
  18. Voice marketing
  19. – Free Definition
  20. The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  21. Kerin | Best Definitions List
  22. David Mark Smith | Best Definitions List
  23. Patrico Bonta and Mario Farber | Best Definitions List