Finance Topics

Finance Topics and Definitions

  1. Benton : Time Value of Money (TVM) – Meaning and Definition
  2. Economic Sense
  3. Security
  4. Baldwin
  5. Webster’s Ninth
  6. Khan and Jain
  7. Guthumann and Dougall
  8. Ivan Thompson Definition
  9. J. Fred Weston & Eugene F. Brigham | Short Term Financing | Meaning, Definition
  10. L. J. Gitman | Finance | Definition, Meaning
  11. J.J Hampton | Risk : Best Meaning, Definition
  12. Cheque : Best Meaning, Definition, Types of Cheques
  13. Economic Analysis : Best Meaning, Definition
  14. Gambling : Best Meaning, Definition
  15. Technical Analysis Definition, Best Meaning & Examples, Assumptions

Student Tips and Finance Concepts

  1. 7 Tips for Business and Finance Students at Business School

Budgeting and Financial Planning

  1. Performance Budget : Meaning, Process, Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages
  2. Static Budget : Meaning, Importance, Benefits and More

Investment and Finance Principles

  1. Fundamentals of Investment: Meaning, Definition, Principles, Rules, and Methods
  2. 7 Important Features and Benefits of Decentralized Market with Examples

Accounting and Business Concepts

  1. Business Accounting and its Fields (Explained)
  2. Meaning of Diversification Strategy and its Strategies (Explained)
  3. Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) | How it works (Explained)

Financial Management and Business Finance

  1. Introduction to Finance – Its Topics, Definitions, Business Finance
  2. What is the Importance of Finance for Business
  3. 4 Main Stakeholders who provide Finance to the Businesses
  4. 7 Business Problems with Obtaining Finance
  5. What are Sources of Finance | Where Does Business Finance Come From?

Financial Financing and Decision Making

  1. Short-Term Finance, Medium-Term Finance, Long-Term Finance with Chart
  2. 7 Key Factors Affecting Financial Decisions

Cost Analysis and Accounting

  1. Differences Between Costs, Price, and Value with Table
  2. Understanding Different Types of Costs in Business
  3. 4 Big Challenges of Cost Classification in Business Management

Accounting Types and Financial Statements

  1. 4 Basic Types of Accounting: Financial, Managerial, Cost, and Tax Accounting
  2. What is Revenue & Capital Expenditure and its Difference in Business?

Financial Reporting and Analysis

  1. Goodwill in Accounting: Definition, Meaning, and Importance in Finance
  2. Cash Flow Statement and Stakeholders Types Explanation & Examples

Budgeting and Capital Management

  1. Budgeting: What are the 30 Benefits of Budgeting?
  2. What is Capital Budgeting? Definition, Process, Methods, Formula, Importance
  3. 5 Stages of Capital Budgeting Cycle in Detail
  4. Payback Period Explained, With the Formula and How to Calculate
  5. Compounding in Investment – How to Maximize Your Returns and Calculator
  6. Discounting in Investment – Advantages and Disadvantages with Calculator

Stock Market and Investment Strategies

  1. Short Selling in stock market with Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Differences

Financial Statements and Analysis

  1. Financial Statements: Definition, Component, Elements, Importance, 4 Types (Explained)

Corporate Responsibility and Finance

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility: Definition, Concept, Process, Scopes

Financial Analysis and Reporting

  1. Financial Statement Analysis and its Importance

Lease and Financial Instruments

  1. Lease: Definition, Features, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages with Examples

Earnings and Financial Instruments

  1. Earnings Per Share (EPS)
  2. Monetary and Non-Monetary Items with Differences

Financial Management and Objectives

  1. Financial Management Definitions, Scope, Objectives and Importance

Agency Problem and Profit Maximization

  1. Agency Problem Meaning, Definitions, List of Problems
  2. Profit Maximization: Meaning, Definition, Objectives, 4 Limitations, Models

Business Finance and Functions

  1. Business Finance: Definitions, Importance, 10 Main Functions of Business Finance

Financial Markets and Types

  1. Financial Markets and Its Types

Depreciation and Loan Administration

  1. Depreciation: Definitions, 3 Methods of Depreciation
  2. Loan Administration Meaning and Components of Loan Administration

Sweat Equity Shares and Security Analysis

  1. What are Sweat Equity Shares? Advantages and Disadvantages of Sweat Equity
  2. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management with Process

Money Market and Capital Market Instruments

  1. Money Market Instruments and Capital Market Instruments

Investment Environment and Types

  1. Meaning of Investment Environment?
  2. Introduction to types of investments
  3. Introduction to the Indian Securities Market

Investment Returns and Risks, Bonds

  1. Investment Returns and Risks: A Fundamentals Guide
  2. Introduction to Bonds: Definition, Importance, Types, Risks, and Valuation

Fundamental Analysis and Dividend Capitalization

  1. Fundamental Analysis: Meaning, Principles, Factors, Strategies, Advantage & Disadvantage
  2. What is Dividend Capitalization Model and Dividend Capitalization?

Comparative Analysis and Portfolio Diversification

  1. Comparative Analysis Definition in Finance: Importance, Purpose, and Approaches
  2. What is Portfolio Diversification in Investment?

Role of Regional Rural Banks and Mortgage

  1. What is the Role of Regional Rural Banks in India?
  2. What is Mortgage: Definition, Characteristics, Different Types of Mortgage